Dirty work: Waterproof outdoor data collection

Like so many great stories, ours started with “Sure it hasn’t been done, but how hard could it really be?”

Turns out when you’re talking about putting electronics out in the harsh Aussie weather, it’s quite hard. At least 50% of the work to design a remote environmental monitoring solution was in working out how to keep the water out of the enclosure. This was made harder by our commitment to repairability.

In the feature image above you can see what the device looks like in regular use at a compost processing plant. This is the reality of life as an outdoor computer. It’s rough!

The RM1 enclosure has been tested by an independent lab to be waterproof to the IP67 (Ingress Protection) standard. That means it was able to resist water getting inside while completely submerged in a tank of water, at a depth of 1 metre, and for a 30 minute duration.

Dunking the Rhino

When out and about we like to dunk the RM1 in a tub of water and then pull it out and switch it on to showcase the ruggedness of the device. We have a saying – Never trust an agtech device you can’t dunk in water. Watch the magic below.